Shaikh Khalid Yasin & Al-Islam

Khalid Yasin (also known as ‘Abu Muhammad’,[1] ‘Abu Muhammad Khalid Yasin’ [2]) and ‘Abu Muhammad, Khalid Yasin’ [3] (born 1946)[4] is a Muslim American preacher.

Yasin lives and operates a “Da’wah” organization in Manchester, England. He founded, directed and ran the Islamic Broadcasting Corporation and The Purpose of Life Centre on Shirecliffe Lane, Sheffield (closed down around September 2008) which is accused of fraud.[5] The organization was formerly known as the Islamic Teaching Institute (ITI) and the Islamic Information Network Ltd. The organisation has now re-located in Manchester.

Yasin was born in Harlem, New York and raised in Brooklyn as a Christian. Although not an orphan, he grew up in foster home environments from the age of 3, and until he was 15. He describes each foster home as having a different Christian denomination, so he covered a wide spectrum of Christianity by the age of 15. Being too young, he lied about his age and joined the U.S. army in 1963. While in the military, however, he would continue his religious exploration of religion both because it was a part of his upbringing but also part of the military life. He recalls being a religious person at the age of 18 and feeling a connection with God. He also describes the time as being confused by the different denominations and faced with many unanswered questions. By 1964 he served in the Vietnam War and around the same time Nation of Islam emerged. Originally he was drawn to Islam by the preaching of Malcolm X and especially a letter, Malcolm X wrote from Mecca in the New York Times disclaiming his relationship with the Nation of Islam and acknowledging his mistakes and apologising for his radical, racist beliefs, affected the young Yasin. By October 1965 he converted to Islam. He has said that the Christian church became “sort of an impasse” for him and “an impenetrable wall of dogma that just didn’t seem to generate the answers”. He concluded that the Christian church “tolerated a great deal of transgression and oppression against different people” and associated it with colonialism although it did not promote this, Yasin believes all this has been “a fibre of Christian civilisation” thus fostering “a distaste of hypocrisy and inconsistency” in his mind. He says Islam made him more serious and responsible in terms of religion and brought him peace.[6]

Yasin began his ministry as the “Ameer” or leader of Jammat Ita’hadul Iqwa on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn N.Y. (often referred to as the McDonalds Mosque, due to its proximity to a McDonalds). He quickly rose to fame in the Brooklyn “Imam Network” of the late 1980s, and was featured in several magazines, one of which “Our Islam” on page 14, “Their View” article (pictures of Khalid in Ihram).[citation needed]

Upon his return from Hajj, he was given money (alongside several prominent Muslim clerics, such as Siraj Wahhaj) by the Saudi Arabian government, through its’ religious ministries Darul Ifta and Rabitat. This money was for the establishment of a proper mosque and for Dawah.
[edit] Views

In July 2005, Yasin gave a speech at Bankstown Town Hall in Sydney, Australia and a televised interview. In these addresses, stated that “There’s no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend, so a non-Muslim could be your associate but they can’t be a friend. They’re not your friend because they don’t understand your religious principles and they cannot because they don’t understand your faith.” He also discouraged muslims from attending university, stating that “University is a gateway for deviation. You forget your Islamic direction. Now you have become compromised through some kind of intellectuality.” He also stated that the Koran justifies the beating of wives by their husbands if they disobeyed them. He also stated that homosexuals should be killed, arguing that “We don’t make any excuses about that, it’s not our law, it’s the Koran.”[7][8]
[edit] The AIDS Virus

Regarding the AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), virus, Yasin stated that “An AIDS virus, that is a classic disease that was created in Fort McKinley, United States. Fort McKinley, the AIDS virus,, 63,000 gallons. Missionaries from the World Health Organisation and Christian groups went into Africa and inoculated people for diphtheria, malaria, yellow fever and they put in the medicine the AIDS virus… I don’t say [that AIDS was created] by the US Government. I say there were at least five governments that acted in complicity.”[9]
[edit] Sunday Nights With John Cleary

On September 7, 2003 Yasin appeared on Sunday Nights With John Cleary [1] being interviewed. Cleary stated that:

Right now we’re going to introduce you to someone who, well perhaps is giving a message that many people would be alarmed that is being put about. Sheik Khalid Yasin is visiting Australia at the moment speaking to Muslim groups in mosques around the country. And as this marks the beginning of the week of the anniversary of the dreadful events of September 11 and the destruction of the World Trade Center, this quite frank and some may find disturbing interview with Khalid Yasin is something that I think deserves to be heard. I spoke to Khalid Yasin on Friday. Let me give you an observation from a press release that the group who is sponsoring him brought out. This is what they say:” ‘Last month, a prominent Sydney Islamic Imam accused scholars from abroad of brainwashing young Muslims in Australia. Sheik Yasin’s response to such inferences was that “There is no established religious body in Australia that can cast aspersions on other Muslims. Let anybody come to my talks and they will see that there is absolutely nothing in them that incites others to do wrong.”’ Well on listening to this interview, you may decide otherwise. The controversial Imam spoke at Lakemba Mosque on Thursday evening to a packed audience, and he pointed out that in the past ten years there have been more than 5,000 people convert to Islam through his institute and other bodies, and suggests that an additional 1,476 have converted since the September 11 attacks. That’s in the press release accompanying the visit of Sheik Khalid Yasin, our guest on Sunday Night.”[10][11]

[edit] References

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